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Take a look at who we are and what we stand for.


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What We Do

Find out what we do for our community.

For Nonprofits

Our Mission

To become a gateway into the world of volunteering and unite communities through the power of volunteerism.


For Volunteers

Our organization was built to help volunteers find more meaningful opportunities to impact their community through their own needs and interests. We work to not only connect volunteers to other nonprofits but also offer them ways to volunteer directly through us. We want all volunteers, new and old, to make the impact they want to make.

Nonprofits are the true heroes in our communities. They dedicate all their time and energy towards helping the communities when nobody else will. Our organization wants to help these nonprofits prosper by giving them wonderful volunteers, a platform to be seen by more people, and the resources to make their life easier.

What We Do

For Communities

Uniting the community isn't done by just focusing on volunteering. That's why we also focus on integrating ourselves into the community to help build a place where anyone is welcome and everyone is loved. We host our own youth programs to help kids learn new things and make friends. We host workshops to give everyone the chance to learn life skills from respected speakers. We're here to help bring people together.

How We Do It

The Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Build the Foundations

We have a big mission. There's no chance we can fulfill it without rock-solid foundations backing up our organization. From the staff to the website, everything needs to be ready.


Integrate into Communities

From our services to our events, we want to genuinely be a real part of your community. We want people to look at us as a resource and be well-known within the community.


Impact. Grow. Expand.

After helping the communities closest to us, we want to expand, impact, and integrate into more communities elsewhere. One day we hope to have a Connect in all 50 states.


How We Do It

Become a resource.

We want to become a resource for anyone and everyone's volunteering needs. Whether it's for school service or you're just trying to make a difference, we want to be the first thing people think about when they want to volunteer anywhere. Our goal is to be the organization that offers everyone the chance to be the volunteer they want to be.

Our Goals

Build community trust.

We want to be known within our communities. We want people to think about us when they think about volunteering. We want people to hear our name and feel trust and warmth. Our goal is to build and earn the community's trust by impacting it in the best ways possible.

Earn expansion into new states.

We want to impact our nearby communities so deeply that we earn enough recognition and money to expand into new states and start impacting their communities too. We want to spread our mission and convince the nation that volunteering can solve so many of our biggest problems.

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

Connect Volunteering was founded on the principle that unity can change the world for the better. We believe that we're stronger together than apart, our identity completely revolves around connection and bringing people together.

The way we see it, the only way we can truly impact and solve major problems is together. One person, no matter how dedicated, cannot do it on their own. It is only with the help of like-minded people that our goals become within reach.

That's why we work so hard to be a connection-based community hub for everyone. Helping other organizations, connecting volunteers, and becoming a united front to tackle burning issues is what we were built for.

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