Circular Tower

February 2021


Unite together at our Connect Events

Come together at our community events (dubbed Connect Events) and take steps to become a better version of yourself. Every month we'll be holding numerous events that are open to everyone, with the goal of promoting a larger community of responsible and caring people.

Volunteering Events

Global Workshops

Youth Events


Hold a Connect Event with us!

Just as our community events are open to everyone, we're open to partnering with anyone! Whether it be a volunteering event for your non-profit, a workshop you want to speak at, or a youth event you want to hold, we can do it together! Partnering is always completely free so don't worry about money!

Find out how to hold an event with us below!


Volunteering Events

Our volunteering events are meant to help our community grow and thrive while highlighting the special volunteers who work so hard to make a difference. We hold at least one volunteering event every month with each event centering around a different cause. We've helped hospitals, homeless shelters, youth organizations, and more at our events!


Global Workshops

Our workshops are open and accessible to every single person on this planet. During COVID-19, all workshops will be held online. These workshops are meant to help you master skills and tools that will help you throughout your life, with each workshop featuring a speaker with a proven high level of knowledge on the topic.


Youth Events

Our youth events are meant to involve the younger demographics of our community learn new things. These events range from volunteering to weekly tutoring and more! As we continue to grow and expand, we will hold more youth-based events and continue to try making a difference however we can.

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