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Connect Soccer


Student with Mask

Washington is re-open!

This means outdoor recreation is back on! Still, Connect Soccer is dedicated to making sure our program is as low-risk as possible!

Mandatory Staff Vaccinations

To ensure the safety of the kids, all staff and coaches will be vaccinated for COVID-19 before the program begins.

If anyone gets a positive result for whatever reason, they will not return until 1 week after testing negative.

Our Rules

1. Masks must be worn by coaches.

2. Players do not need masks, but may not share any water or food during breaks.

3. If you test positive for COVID-19, you are not to return to our sessions until one week after testing negative.

Temperature Checks For All

Before each practice, our staff may take the temperature of everyone coming onto the field. This includes parents, kids, and coaches.

If your temperature is at a dangerous level, we will discreetly let you know and send you home. We hope you'll take the right steps to ensure your own safety!

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