Our Impact

Find out what Connect Volunteering is doing to impact the neighboring communities

Since our inception...

We've helped over 1,100 people get involved in volunteering

Through our volunteering events and connection services, we've helped 1,185 people start or continue their volunteering journey.

We've received and donated 29,000 items

Through our Connect Events, we've been able to distribute and donate 29,070 miscellaneous items throughout the community and to the organizations serving it.

We've awarded over 1,600 service hours to our volunteers

Through our monthly volunteering events, we've awarded 1,626 service hours to our wonderful volunteers. 

We've helped over 20 non-profits grow to new heights 

Through our connection services and website, we've helped 21 non-profits gain new volunteers, reach new demographics and grow to new heights.

We've helped over 290 people learn new skills through our workshops

295 people from all over the world signed up for our workshops and learned new skills from some of the most qualified people in the world.

More Impact cards coming soon!

Issues we impact...


To make an impact on the houseless community, we partnered with organizations like TeenFeed, The Sophia Way, and more. Through these partnerships, we've donated over 960 miscellaneous items to these organizations.


To make an impact on the youth of the community, we partnered with organizations like Boys & Girls Club, The YMCA, and more. We not only help support these wonderful organizations but we also donated over 1,340 toys, clothes, and more to children. Adding to that, we also hold a youth soccer program to teach kids how to play soccer!


To make an impact on making education more accessible to the community, we partnered with organizations like PeerGuide, Leaducation, and more. We also hold our own free and virtual educational workshops throughout the year with famous speakers!


To make an impact on saving the environment, we partnered with organizations like Volunteer Park Trust, Green Redmond Partnership, and more. Through these partnerships, we've been able to connect countless volunteers to these organizations and along with that we also helped to plant 25,337 seeds through numerous events.


To make an impact on the elderly community, we partnered with organizations like Eastside Friends of Seniors, and more. We've not only been able to connect countless volunteers to them but also send over 90 kind hand-written letters directly to senior citizens!


We impact numerous other causes as well. Whether it be bringing awareness to mental health issues, giving shoes away to those who need it, or something else, we are dedicated to helping the community grow in any way possible.

Community Voices

I love Connect Volunteering! I have volunteered for a couple different events and each time really enjoyed my self! The people who run this non-profit are super caring and always make it a great experience! I love getting to get out and help my community in fun and safe ways!!

Cassidy Spencer
From Google reviews

Volunteering through this organization was an amazing experience whether that was helping with collecting masks or collecting clothes and stuffed toys. Can't say enough about the work culture here, really top notch and well organized. It was for a great cause, in which I was lucky enough to partake in. All around a highly positive experience.

Rahul Kanumuri
From Google reviews

Connect Volunteering is an amazing organization that is not only easy to volunteer with, but also thoughtful about what the community needs and works hard to meet these goals. They have an incredible team of dedicated leaders that genuinely want to make a difference.

Elena Briggs
From Google reviews