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Connect Earth Week RECAP

In March 2020, everyone's world changed. In fact, the world literally shut down. COVID-19 halted all plans, dreams, and everything in between to a complete stop. Now looking back, one year later, I've come to realize that we never stopped. Our communities came together in times of need and the true nature of the human race was exposed. We will always help someone in need. That's why it was no surprise that our Earth Week event did so well. Our planet is in need of desperate help and as always, we came through.

Through this event alone, there were 337 seeds planted in just 5 days. That's a whopping 67 seeds every day. Each and every single one of those seeds are contributing to something amazing. They're helping households, neighborhoods, communities, states, and ultimately the whole world. 26 wonderful volunteers signed up to take part in this event and they received a total of 79 service hours for their work. I'd give them 500 service hours if I could. The work they're doing is invaluable and it means the world to each and every single one of us here at Connect. Thank you for making the world a cleaner, smarter, and overall better place for all living creatures.

We encourage you to continue planting seeds, recycling, and whatever else you want to help our environment thrive through the next few months, years, and even decades. A little help can go a long well.

As always, thanks for the read,

Rajdeep Das, Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering


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