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Connect Easter 2021

Event Highlights

Our first annual Connect Easter event was a huge success for everyone involved! The day was filled with fun and games with both teenagers and children involved. Everyone went on an egg hunt to look for some of the 100 eggs hidden around the area. There was even a golden egg with $10 inside of it. We had other fun prizes that people competed for as well such as a $25 Amazon gift card. Throughout the event, people were playing soccer and spike ball (we even had a spike ball tournament for a prize). It was a memorable day for all and we can’t wait to host other events like this for other holidays! We remained COVID safe as per the Phase 3 guidelines in Washington State. We had less than 50 people in the park at once and masks were on at all times (except when eating).

We'll see you all next year for an even bigger and better Easter event!

Thanks for the read,

Rajdeep Das, Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering



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