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Volunteer Spotlight: Abhika Mishra

In every event Connect Volunteering organizes, there is always one volunteer that goes above and beyond to help the community around us. In the event "Letters to Seniors", that outstanding volunteer was Abhika Mishra.

Abhika has been an amazing volunteer at Connect Volunteering from the very start! She has come to multiple events and has shown us a great amount of support. Abhika loves to write letters and she puts so much effort into making them look perfect. She has attended every letter event we have organized and has always made the prettiest letters! This event, she made 30 letters. Her involvement with our events is something that we truly love. Thank you for volunteering with us Abhika, it means the world to us!

Thanks for the read,

Swetha Pandravada

CFO and Washington Executive Director at Connect Volunteering


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