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At Connect Volunteering, we know how deep of an impact volunteerism can make. That's why we're utterly dedicated to helping you find the opportunities to transform your community. Utilize our numerous services to invoke the change your community needs.

Our hand-picked featured non-profits.

Our featured volunteering events.

Our survey to help you find the perfect opportunity.

Our website app that finds you opportunities from our database.

Opportunty Finder

Opportunity Finder *

Use our Opportunity Finder app to find the perfect volunteering opportunities based on your interests and needs. Utilize our growing database of nonprofits and volunteering events to impact your community today!

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Perfect Opportunity Survey

Perfect Opportunity Survey *

Take our Perfect Opportunity Survey and find the best hand-picked opportunities for you! We have a team of workers ready to find the perfect volunteering opportunity specific to you. Find your next big opportunity today!

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Event and Workshops
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Events and Workshops

Find the latest events and workshops featured through Connect Volunteering. Change your community through volunteerism and become a more well-rounded person through our workshops about a multitude of topics. Become the best version of yourself through our services.

Featured Non-Profits

Featured Non-Profits

Look through our list of featured nonprofits. Each and every one of these organizations have been vetted and hand-picked by our team for the work they have accomplished, the causes they stand for, and the overall trustworthiness of their organization.

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