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Learn all about who I am, my experience, and what I can offer you!

"He always came on time and well prepared physically and mentally. His training habits and technical ability on the ball were outstanding. His knowledge of the game and hard work made him an integral part of the group."

- Cameron Vickers, Professional Soccer Player, on Raj



Raj has been playing soccer since he could stand. Now 19, he lives and breathes soccer, oftentimes spending the whole day practicing or watching games. Known for his technical quality and decision-making, Raj is the perfect fit to teach kids the basics of the game in a fun and memorable way.

Playing Experience

  • 7 years of competitive soccer

  • 2 years of Academy soccer (highest possible youth level)

  • Multiple offers to play college soccer

  • Traveled all over the country to play soccer

Coaching Experience

  • 1 on 1 training with numerous players

  • 1 full season of coaching Connect Soccer

What Do I Offer You?

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Wealth of Experience

I've played at the highest level for years now. From this, I've gained a wealth of knowledge from my teammates and coaches. I've learned from professional soccer players, legends of the game, and more! Now I want to share it with the next generation of kids!


At 19, I'm the perfect balance of youthfulness and experience. I'll connect to the kids in ways older coaches cannot and be a friend as well as a coach. My youthful coaching technique will be perfect for these kids to fall in love with the game, just like I once did!

Youthful Coaching

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May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

Focus on the Basics

If you scroll down you'll find a video of some of my game highlights. As you can see from there, I focus heavily on passing and finding space. Learning and mastering the basics is what got me to the level I'm at today. That's why when I coach, there will be a immense focus on the basics of the game.

My Coaching Attributes

  • Strong leader

  • High levels of communication

  • Passionate

  • Equal love for all the kids

  • Fun-filled drills

  • Rewards good behavior and good play

  • Encouraging

  • Advocates for healthy eating and sleeping



Cameron Vickers

Professional soccer player, 7 year career, former Portland Timbers player

"I think that Rajdeep would be a fantastic candidate to help teach/coach youth athletes. He's an incredible player with great knowledge and technical ability but more importantly, he's a great person and leader."


Juan Orellana

Trained by Raj through 1 on 1 sessions, 17 years old, talented soccer player

"Raj is a very talented soccer player with tremendous knowledge of the game. He's a great person on and off the field and has helped me strengthen a lot of different aspects of my game. With extremely well-planned drills, our practice sessions have always resulted in improvement."

game highlights


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