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The next step to reaching your organization's goals is right here...

Connect Volunteering is the best place to find volunteers and market your opportunities/events. Unlike other connection platforms, we have a dedicated base of volunteers in and around the Greater Seattle area ready to find their next opportunity. All our services are free! Check out what we offer below.

Must be logged in and partnered with us to access the Organization Hub

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  • We're here for all your needs
  • Opportunity to partner for events, workshops, and more
  • Ability to take full advantage of our organization.


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  • Listed in our database *
  • Volunteers are matched with your organization
  • You receive volunteers that are passionate about your mission.

 Volunteer Connector 



  • Hold any events with us
  • Your events will be added to the Opportunity Finder
  • Added on our featured nonprofits page
  • Thousands of users have used our site...your organization is exposed to all of them

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*Being listed in our database means you'll be added to our Opportunity Finder system and our Perfect Opportunity Survey list. These services match volunteers with your organization based on their needs and interests.

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