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Jackets for Kids 2 RECAP

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Connect Volunteering started under two years ago with no volunteers, no donations, no connections in the community, nothing. Now, somehow, we've managed to have an unbelievable number of volunteers (way over the 15 signups we officially got) donate an equally unfathomable number of clothing for us to distribute to underprivileged kids and teenagers who need to stay warm throughout the winter.

We had so many donations that we literally could not count them all. We estimated that there were around 411 donations but in reality, there could be even more. That means there are a potential 800 service hours that can be awarded for this event. We'll cover this topic in more detail in a different article, but, Sarah Weiss is our volunteer spotlight. She and her boyfriend donated over 150 articles of clothing to us. 150.

Thank you to every single person who helped contribute in any way to this event. We couldn't have impacted so many without all of you helping us grow and do more. As we continue to move forward we will ensure that we always remember who built us up at the very beginning. Thank you.

Thanks for the read,

Rajdeep Das

Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering

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