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NEW EVENT: Paws for a Cause

This month's event is to support the Seattle Humane Society. We're looking to impact even more causes than ever before and we wanted to start out with the animal world! This organization rescues and shelters animals, keeping them safe and healthy when nobody else would. Supporting animal rights is so important and we want to help the Seattle Humane Society take care of the animals that don't have a home yet. This event will run for 8 days from February 20th through 28th, so come by and donate to help out!

We want you to donate any of the following items:

  • Dog/Cat food

  • Litter pans

  • Dog/Cat toys

  • Dog leashes

  • Treats!

You will receive 1 hour* for every 2 items donated

* To receive any service hours, you must be registered for the event.


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