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Looking Back on 2021

Wow...what a year it's been. Let's look back on what made 2021 such a special year for us.

Read our full annual report and learn about all the insights of our year.

Connect Volunteering 2021 Annual Report
Download PDF • 7.26MB

For starters, who would’ve thought we would accomplish so much within only 12 months during a global pandemic that has shut down most volunteering worldwide. A crazy year that has truly highlighted how amazing our base of supporters are. This year Connect Volunteering held 11 volunteering events, two worldwide workshops, one community event, and one youth program. It was a huge year that will be the platform for countless future successes.


Connect Volunteering was founded on the mission to unite the community through the power of volunteerism. We envisioned a world where people could easily access opportunities to help the community around them be a better place. This year we had over 800 different people utilize our volunteering events, connection services, workshops, social media channels, and more this year. With the addition of last year, we now have a grand total of 1,185 active utilizers. We also have 21 total partners to connect these utilizers with.

We've worked to positively impact issues ranging from houselessness to advocating for social justice. From supporting the elderly to distributing shoes to the underprivileged. From planting thousands of seeds in the environment to raising awareness for mental health. We can't wait to impact even more issues next year.

One of the last big highlights of the year was our expansion into the state of Arizona. We're still in the process of setting up in AZ but the foundations were set this year and we can't wait to continue in 2022.


Our volunteering events impacted a multitude of varying issues. Houselessness, for one, was the focus of two events that received over 800 donations of food and other necessities. We also impacted the environment this year by getting our volunteers to plant over 25,000 seeds through two separate events. Other issues impacted include mental health, human rights and justice, education, and more. We helped over 20 organizations gain volunteers, contributed/donated over 27,000 items, had an average of 33 volunteers at each event, and our volunteers served over 1,000 hours together.

We also gave free and easy access to our two workshops with highly skilled and well-respected professionals. These workshops helped over 200 people in 21 countries learn how to expand a business, take their passion to the next level, chase their wildest dreams through mindset building, and more.


Seriously...thank you. Who knows where we would be without every single one of you right now. Every single one of you makes Connect Volunteering what it is and we know that every single one of you are going to be the reason we catapult to future success. Whether you're a volunteer, a donor, a workshop participant, a youth program parent, a silent supporter, or just a random reader, we want you to know how much of an impact you've made here. You're a part of something we consider truly special and honestly, it just baffles us that we have so many wonderful people on our sidelines cheering us on.

We love you. We love each and every single one of you amazing people.

Thank you for this wonderful year and thank you, as always, for the read...

From Team Connect


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