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Connect Soccer 2021 Season Recap

Team Members:

Rian Sengupta (first from top left)

Arjun Bhattacharya (second from top left)

Oindri Banerjee (third from top left)

Ahan Chakraborty (third from top right)

Aarush Ghosh (second from top right)

Viveka Chakraborty (first from top right)

Zana Guy (first from bottom left)

Kanav Pyne (second from bottom left)

Shreyan Pyne (third from bottom right)

Ridan Sengupta (second from bottom right)

Rian Bhattacharjee (first from bottom right)

Aratrik Bhattacharya (not pictured)

Tanuj Acharya (not pictured)

Ishaan Mazumder (not pictured)

Karthik Parupudi (not pictured)

Isabell Lozano (not pictured)

The inaugural season for Connect Soccer could not have gone any better than it had. It was absolutely perfect from the first session to the last. The kids were talented, hard-working, funny, and respectful. They not only cared for their teammates but helped them improve as well. Connect Soccer was one big family. The older kids took care of the younger ones and helped them through each session, while the younger ones made sure to listen and respect those who tried to help. There was a perfect balance in this group of kids and the coaches were so proud to see them grow over the last couple of months.

At our first session way back in early June, most kids barely knew how to kick the ball. They were using their toes to kick and they didn't know how to dribble, pass, nor shoot. What they did know how to do, was work hard and pay attention. Every week, the coaches worked to instill new knowledge into the kids and help them learn to love this wonderful sport. The kids truly did work hard, both inside and outside practice, and now they can truly call themselves soccer players. At our last session, the kids were passing the ball smartly, shooting with the right technique, and communicating on the field without fear. They were amazing and it was a privilege to help them on their journey.

That's what this sport is all about. To learn, grow, and play without any fear. To make mistakes and fall down just to get right up again and try again. To lift those around you up and help them improve as well. That's the culture of the program. That's the culture of this family.

Thank you all for an amazing season with the kids, it was something everyone involved will remember for a very long time. See you all on the field next season!

Rajdeep Das

Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering

Head Coach of Connect Soccer


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