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Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Weiss

We're getting deja vu! Sarah Weiss is once again the volunteer who truly stood out amongst every other wonderful volunteer at a Connect event. The high school senior was the standout volunteer at our previous event Connect Earth Week where she planted 50 seeds (twice as many as anyone else)! This time, she gets our volunteer spotlight for truly being an unbelievably committed human being who represents all of Connect Volunteering's most important values.

For this event, we wanted to gather as many clothes and jackets as we could to distribute them amongst the underprivileged kids and teens in the area. We expected each volunteer to donate a couple of clothes, anywhere between 2 to 5 each, and move on. Sarah, though, had other ideas. She went and gathered a whopping 156 articles of clothing from both her and her boyfriend, donating 7 garbage bags full of clothing. She has volunteered at more events than any other volunteer we've come across and she has always worked to find unique ways to help out. She truly does represent all the most important values Connect Volunteering strives to represent.

Thank you Sarah for being amazing.

Rajdeep Das

Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering


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