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Introduction to Entrepreneurship RECAP

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

On Sunday, August 16th, Connect Volunteering held its first-ever online workshop with 65 sign-ups from 7 different states. The workshop consisted of a conversation between me (Rajdeep Das), Alexander Miles, CEO of New York-based company SportsHi, and Bhargav Pandravada, a business analyst for Kansas-based company C2FO. We talked about topics such as:

  • Converting an idea into reality

  • Building your team

  • Forming a trustworthy network

  • Financing your startup

  • Addressing potential issues

After that, we opened it up to our audience and answered any and all questions. Those who participated in the workshop said afterward that it was "extremely well organized with interesting speakers". They also stressed that it made their entrepreneurship dreams "more in reach than ever before". It's safe to say we enjoyed a great workshop with some great people and hope that our next endeavor has as much support as this one did.

To learn more about SportsHi visit:

To learn more about C2FO visit:

Bhargav Pandravada's LinkedIn:

Thanks to everyone who supported and joined this event, we hope to see you at the next one!

Rajdeep Das, Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering


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