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NEW EVENT: Jackets for Kids

Help keep the youth warm this November! Donate your old winter jackets, gloves, and hats (all in good condition) to Connect Volunteering so that we can help them reach the kids that need them most! We will be giving an hour of service for every 3 items you donate, but based on what you are donating we can decide to award you more or less. Make sure all your donations are in good condition, there shouldn't be any tears or holes in any of the clothing! Make sure all clothing is washed, clean AND PACKED IN A PLASTIC/GARBAGE BAG! There will be a box out from 12PM until 9PM on all the event dates. Please put the donations in (or around, if it overflows) the box! We will only be accepting these sizes: Youth M, Youth L, and Youth XL!

This event is once again meant to help the youth of our community stay safe through this lockdown. We are partnering with Eastlake High School's Science National Honor Society and Friends of Youth to not only ensure we impact our community positively but also to allow local high schoolers and volunteers the chance to get involved!

We are only accepting winter jackets, gloves and hats! Please do not bring any other items without first contacting us.

Thanks for the read,

Rajdeep Das, Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering


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