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NEW EVENT: Asian Heritage Awareness

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

For those of you who are here to find the Information Card PDF or the list of organizations to donate to for the India COVID crisis., click this link: Asian Heritage Awareness Resources (

Throughout the last few months, there have been two stories that have bullied the headlines of news services all over the world: the Anti-Asian Hate attacks and the India COVID Crisis. The severity of these two headlines should not be taken lightly, it is unbelievably sad that things like this are happening in our world and, more importantly, our country. We believe it is our own duty to be proactive and start helping in any way we can. That's why Connect Volunteering is holding this event. May is Asian/Pacific Heritage Month and it's the perfect time to help spread awareness and donate whatever we can to two causes that deserve the world's attention. Let's come together and make a difference this month.

What You're Doing:

Through the link below, you'll find a PDF filled with facts, information, and resources on Asians and their impact in the USA. Your job is to print this PDF out and drop them at the front door of houses in your neighborhood. We've done something very similar at a previous event for Black History Month. Each PDF holds 2 informational cards. You'll receive 1 service hour for every 5 informational cards delivered.

Supplemental Opportunity:

Along with the main event, we will also be giving 1 service hour for every $5 donated to the India COVID crisis. For example, if you donate $50, you'll receive 10 hours. Through the link below, you'll find a list of organizations to donate to. Receipts are needed to earn service hours. To play our part, we will be matching the highest donation made!

Make a difference. Don't wait.

Thanks for the read,

Rajdeep Das, Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering


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