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Volunteer Spotlight: Anwita Gundavarapu

In every event Connect Volunteering organizes, there is always one volunteer that goes above and beyond to help the community around us. In the event "Save Halloween", that outstanding volunteer was Anwita Gundavarapu.

This event was only Anwita's second time volunteering with us (her first being the "Letters to our Heroes" event) but it was still extremely evident how dedicated she is as a volunteer and person. "Save Halloween" was not only our most unique event so far, but also our most popular. For the event, we asked our volunteers to pick up 8-10 goodie bags and disperse them among their neighborhoods. The bags were filled with candy and we hoped that the event would spread some Halloween spirit on a unique time in our lives. We had over 30 wonderful volunteers come forward to help us spread some joy, but Anwita stood out because of her clear willingness to do more. She came to this event with a great attitude and wanted to know how she could further impact the community. We had placed a limit on how many bags one volunteer could donate (we wanted to have enough for all our volunteers), but because it was so evident that she wanted to do more, we allowed her to take 18 goodie bags! She took extra time to go around her neighborhood and drop these goodie bags off and we really wanted to highlight that. Anwita was easily the most outstanding volunteer at this event and it has been a pleasure getting to know her a little bit through our events! She truly deserved all the hours we awarded her and her willingness to impact our community will never be forgotten at Connect Volunteering.

Thank you Anwita.

Thanks for the read,

Rajdeep Das, Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering


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