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WORKSHOP: Expansion 101 with SRELIX

On February 6th at 4 PM (PST), sit with the famous Mikey Halim, founder of SRELIX, and learn how he took his passion and made it a world-famous brand. Everyone has a passion, but not many know how to take it and make it a successful business. At only 17, Mikey has already started and expanded his idea into a career. Learn how you can do the same!

In this (minimum) hour-long Zoom Meeting, Rajdeep Das (Connect Volunteering's CEO) is going to ask Mikey questions about his life and his journey. You'll learn how he turned his passion into his career at just 17. Mikey will explain how you can do the same with your own passion. He'll share what works and what doesn't while giving insights on how he worked to get where he is today. Rajdeep and Mikey will also both talk about if making your passion your career is the right option for you. At the end of the meeting, you can ask Mikey any questions you may still have.

Whether you manage a start-up, have a business idea, or don't have either, you'll want to tune in. Everybody has a passion of some sort, learn how to start your business from it and expand to new heights!

Quick Facts About Mikey

  • Over 102,000 followers on Instagram (SRELIX)

  • Clients in the NBA, FIBA, NFL, and more

  • Featured by the Seattle Times, ESPN, Fox Sports, and more

  • Estimated net worth of $100,000 to $1,000,000 at age 17

  • Started graphic design for fun, now is world-famous for it

Check out Mikey's company SRELIX here: SRELIX - Graphic Design

If you have any questions, email and we'll get back to you!

Thanks for the read,

Rajdeep Das, Founder and CEO of Connect Volunteering


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