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REPOST July Toy-Drive: First Event, First Success

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

On July 5th 2020, Connect Volunteering held their first ever Connect Event. A toy-drive where members of our community came forward and donated their children's items to us. We then distribute them among hospitals, day-cares, and children's centers to support the kids battling loneliness through this lockdown.

Fast forward just 5 days. It's July 10th and we had amassed 583 children's items from over 40 donors. We had no idea that our community would respond so emphatically and come forward so fast. We finished the drive that day and had given over 170 service hours to the volunteers.

Thank you to all our donors and contributors, you had somehow made our first ever event a huge success. It hadn't even been one month since our organization's founding, yet somehow you made a difference with us. 12 days after the drive ended and we are still donating toys to places that can use them. Thank you, we're so excited to work together with all of you and truly make the community a better place.

Find out more about our Connect Events here:

Rajdeep Das, CEO of Connect Volunteering


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